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Florenzi: “Champions are possible, physically we are well and we fight as a team”

With De Rossi in the stands due to injury, it was Florenzi’s turn to inherit the captain’s armband. The number 24 made an orderly match, giving its contribution in attack and defense. These are his words at the end of the match.


A very useful point for the Champions League, is it now possible to qualify? 
Yes it is possible, it is our goal. We did a great first time, we started great again. In the second half they came out, we suffered them in the first 20 ‘. Then after the goal the game is over in equilibrium, the same can be right. We take him home and start from the first half with the knowledge that we are a good team and we will fight to the end.

From an athletic point of view, is there a lack of conviction? In the second
half you entered with the handbrake on … The idea was that of the first half, we made the choice not to take them because they wanted this. They are good, they have been doing this football since the beginning of the year and we also knew the coach and how they could put us in difficulty and we them. Surely we could have done more in the second half, physically I saw each other better than before: we held the field, suffering as a team, all eleven compact and we did a good game from that point of view. Slightly less in the second half, but a good match.

On a communicative level, do you feel more at ease with Mirante? 
The language helps a bit, but I have to send a message to everyone: Robin spoke Italian, made himself understood, is a great professional: the coach makes the choices, he trains 100% like all the comrades because they want to get to the objective and to do so there must be no hot heads doing what they like. We all need to be in the same boat and row on the same side, otherwise we don’t get into the Champions League. Robin is important in the locker room, he manages to communicate with us, there are no problems from this point of view.

De Rossi came to Milan, what did he send you? 
His presence was enough … A captain can also be seen from these things: he entered before the game to incite us and give us his support as he always does. We were able to play a good game on the pitch.


In Italy do you go slower due to pressure? 
When I started playing with Roma I started the games 3-4 days before, they just don’t get it. Then over time I started managing the pressures, the chatter that is out of the locker room. It is what any player must import, isolate himself, but not only in Rome. In any square.

You are back to being a team. 
On the one hand yes, but on the other hand I tell you that before we were also a team. We had lost sight of the track of our goal, now we are back on track. Today was the last curve of the horse race. We made a good first half, then they put us under and the result is there.

Are there trends that change in this thing Champions? 
In my opinion, no, as long as the math doesn’t give its verdicts we’re all inside. There are still many games that will give you many points. I don’t like the ranking but we can do better and we will definitely give 120% for this shirt.

Ranieri fixed the defensive phase. What does it ask of you different than before? 
It takes time to bring your own game philosophy. If we had been here today with Di Francesco maybe we would have made a different, higher pressing. With the coach we have a different philosophy, we have a castle to defend and no one should enter. It took us a few games to figure it out, otherwise we were two phenomena.

Have you ever thought about how you were before you were a fullback? 
I don’t know if I was running less. I would do it a hundred times. I would die in the field and it’s not a problem. My motto is that everybody from 1 to 11 is good, I’m like that. Of course I have preferences, but I like playing and I think it can enhance my qualities.

Do you run so little in Italy? 
I think there is a big difference between running little and running well. You can do even less kilometers than your opponents but if you run the game well you win it.


Come back from Captain to San Siro: the budget? 
“I think it’s a positive balance. We suffered a bit their physicality, then the game ended with a fair draw. It was an important result “.

Has your way of playing with Ranieri changed? 
“It took a while to understand the coach’s philosophy. We have improved our game and understood what he wants. We must continue with this stubbornness and this determination “.

Are you more aware that the team can grow and dare? 
“This was also the first belief, then dynamics come into play that you can’t control. We scored a great goal today and fielded a defensive level performance. The road taken is excellent, because we defend in eleven and we play as a group. We are all decisive, even those who do not play, from the first to the last. If we are compact we can do well ”.

Was it not easy to defend on Perisic, but was this the danger you were prepared for? 
“Yes, on the goal we could have managed it differently, perhaps. I had to make a choice and went to Icardi who was closer to the door. If the ball went there I would have been there, but we must take today’s good, especially the point “.

On the episode of the touch of hand of Borja Valero? 
“I didn’t see him again, but he seemed to be a clear hand. Guida told me he touched his head first. We must accept the referee’s decision “.


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